New construction projects

College Miguel Hernández in Orihuela


Location: Comunidad Valenciana

Implementation, adaptation and expansion schools in the Comunidad Valenciana.

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Residential La Font in San Juan (Alicante)

Residential La Font

Location: San Juan (Alicante)

Execution of single-family dwellings in urbanization of San Juan (Alicante).

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Trafalgar Building en Alicante

Trafalgar building

Location: Alicante

Construction of a modern building in the District of San Antón (Alicante).

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Homes in Ibi (Alicante)

Homes in Ibi

Location: Ibi (Alicante)

Execution of single-family dwellings and urbanization in the town of Ibi (Alicante).

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Works in Torrevieja (Alicante)

Works in Torrevieja

Location: Torrevieja (Alicante)

Construction of dwellings in the municipality of Torrevieja (Alicante).

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Works in Aigües (Alicante)

Works in Aigües

Location: Aigües (Alicante)

Construction of residential housing in the municipality of Aigües (Alicante).

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